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The name "Synthelize" is a combination of the words "synthesize" and "visualize", the two key processes used to extract meaning from data. According to dictionary.com, the word synthesize means "to form (a material or abstract entity) by combining parts or elements". In your world, your data elements exist in many different places—locally hosted systems, spreadsheets, databases, data files, cloud based solutions. Our first job is to synthesize that information—to bring it together into a new form by combining the pieces from various systems. We have decades of experience in integrating data from various places and combining it into new data stores—data warehouses, cubes, or other structures—to help you make sense of it.

Our Five Step Process

When we engage with an organization we come in with a clear plan in mind. While we don't always implement every step, this framework drives the way we think about data strategy.


Not every organizational data need is the same. We offer a broad range of services to join you where you are at in your data journey and help you get to the next level.

Data Integration

We work with your team to develop and implement a data integration plan that may include cloud hosting and data warehousing.

Data Visualization

We work with existing or new data stores to develop novel, insightful visualizations in the platform of your choice.

Data Strategy

We develop long term data plans - systems to evaluate, dashboards to create, ways to disseminate key data throughout your organization.

Cloud Data Migration

We help you to evaluate cloud data platforms and move key data processes into more scalable environments.

Big Data

We help you build data structures and data pipelines to deal with the biggest data challenges.

Machine Learning and AI

We help you to leverage your data sets with cutting edge machine learning algorithms to extract new insights.

Let's work together!

Every organization has data challenges that prevent it from reaching its full potential. We have decades of experience helping organizations formulate and implement long-term data strategies.

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