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Robotic Process Automation Consulting Services

Free up resources from repetitive tasks and make your business processes more reliable and predictable.

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

Data Science Benefits Retail

Eliminate errors from your processes

Even the best people have bad days where they are not doing their best work. Implement processes where mistakes and errors have the least impact.

Data Science Benefits Government

Automate data collection and storage

Tired of waiting for someone to put the data into a spreadsheet for review? Automate the process and load the data into a central data store for real-time reporting and analytics.

Data Science Benefits Nonprofit

Free up staff for more complex tasks

Let's face it - your best staff don't want to spend all their time doing mind-numbing work. Free them up to focus on higher level thinking and watch their morale and productivity soar.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best use cases for robotic process automation?

Robotic process automation is best for processes that are repetitive and well-defined. For example, browser automation tasks such as going out to a website and copying data or downloading data, or email automation such as saving attachments from emails to a shared drive.

What does an RPA consulting engagement look like?

We start by talking through your "ideal" process and set of tools that you are currently using. From there we design a process in the tool of your choice, doing our best to minimize staff disruption and retraining.

What tools do you commonly use for robotic process automation?

We have experience in Power Automate and Power Apps for those integrating with Microsoft platforms. We also use browser automation tools such as Selenium. Finally, we are capable of hand-coding solutions in a variety of languages for more difficult automation challenges.

Does robotic process automation involve actual robots?

Not usually. . .unless you really want to build a little robot finger to click on a keyboard. Almost all "robotic" process autmoation involves software running on your network or in the cloud.

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