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Think deeply about your data, probe it, and apply cutting edge techniques including machine learning to get the most out of it.

Get help from a data science consultant

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You know that data is one of your organization's most important assets but sometimes it is difficult to get the information you need in a timely manner.

A data science consultant, equipped with years of expertise in teasing meaning out of data, can hit the ground running and deliver an immediate impact on your most important initiatives.

We can perform a number of roles for your organization, including:

  • Immediate staffing on high priority projects.
  • Dedicated brainpower to work on difficult problems without distraction.
  • Training and best practices to raise the bar for your organization's data science practices.

We can accelerate your organization's vital projects, help you to reach targets more quickly, and transmit our expertise to your internal staff.

A Vital Partner

At Synthelize we highly value partnerships with our clients. We invest very heavily in the success of our partners because we know that your success equals our success. We look forward to exploring the ways we might help your organization to reach its goals.

Data Science Benefits By Industry

Data Science Benefits Manufacturing


Analyze and improve processes. Improve and reduce materials used. Track and predict inventory with greater precision.

Data Science Benefits Logistics


Plan more efficient routes. Track shipments and deliveries in real time. Manage fuel/energy constraints.

Data Science Benefits Marketing


Attribute customer activity to inbound channels. Perform A/B tests on marketing copy. Measure ROI on campaigns.

Data Science Benefits Retail


Study customer behavior. Plan more effective retail space layout. Right-size inventory stock to eliminate waste.

Data Science Benefits Government


Monitor and improve infrastructure. Structure and revise budgets for key services. Stay on top of community input.

Data Science Benefits Nonprofit


Determine feasibility of grant applications. Report on key activities and expenditures. Know more about constituents.

  • What are the benefits of engaging with a data science consultant?

    A data science consultant can help your organization in many ways. Some data science consultants jump in and help on urgent projects. Others might perform research tasks that are not urgent, but are important for long term organizational growth. Training is another role of some data science consultants - organizations often bring in a data science consultant to bring their staff up to speed on cutting edge technologies.

  • How does a data scientist do day to day?

  • What tools does a data science consultant use?

  • Do data scientists mostly work on machine learning projects?

  • How long will it take for a data science consultant to be up to speed on my project?

What Clients Are Saying About Synthelize

Synthelize has revolutionized the manner in which our statewide non-profit program tracks, analyzes, and leverages data to improve our outreach efficiency, planning, and effectiveness. . .Synthelize has created an advanced online dashboarding system unique to our program that allows our team to see overall trends, categorize program data and effectiveness, and drill-down into specific areas to crosswalk demographics with program strategizes.

Philadelphia-Based Nonprofit Client

“Synthelize has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Toby always goes above and beyond with all of my requests, and his analysis and report creations are always top-notch. I can't recommend their services enough.”

Pittsburgh-Based Client
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