Data Analytics Case Study: Data Extraction and Web Visualization

Case Study Data Extraction and Web Visualization

A government agency reached out to Synthelize wanting to extract data from a portal where they were required to enter data for compliance purposes. The portal was for data entry only and did not provide much in the way of reporting capabilities. Synthelize was tasked with finding a way to extract data from the system and providing a web-based data portal where the client could look the data in a more visual format.

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Data Source

Data source was an older, web-based portal that the client used to enter data to report their activity back to program managers. The portal is very functional from a data entry perspective but does not provide any capabilities for visual reporting of data.

Solution Architecture

Synthelize worked with the data portal for a while and determined that it could generate data extracts from the system to be imported into a relational database for further analysis.

Synthelize created a C# program to automate the data export and to create several dimension/fact tables that could be used for reporting purposes. It then created an ASP.NET MVC application to function as the front-end to the new data portal.

The data portal itself utilizes Javascript and the D3 data visualization library to pull information from the data store and display it in chart/graph format.

Synthelize used Postgres and a docker container to host the application in an AWS EC2 instance, minimizing long term costs by using open source technologies.

Client Outcome

The client was able to use the new portal immediately and use it to evaluate past outreach and do strategic planning for future initiatives. In particular the client appreciated the fact that the new data architecture allowed them to continue to enter data into the old portal and not do double entry into a new system as well. That allowed them to avoid having to train internal personnel on a new system of data entry.

What Clients Are Saying About Synthelize

Synthelize has revolutionized the manner in which our statewide non-profit program tracks, analyzes, and leverages data to improve our outreach efficiency, planning, and effectiveness. . .Synthelize has created an advanced online dashboarding system unique to our program that allows our team to see overall trends, categorize program data and effectiveness, and drill-down into specific areas to crosswalk demographics with program strategizes.

Philadelphia-Based Nonprofit Client

“Synthelize has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Toby always goes above and beyond with all of my requests, and his analysis and report creations are always top-notch. I can't recommend their services enough.”

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